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Entrelac In-the-Round with Magic Loop: Jester Felted Yarn Bowl (2 meetings) (5:30 pm - 7:00pm)

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Location: Dartmouth Yarns, 122 Portland St., Dartmouth


Entrelac In-the-Round with Magic Loop: The Jester Yarn Bowl


Learn how to make a colourful felted yarn bowl that will keep your yarn clean and controlled while you knit.  A felted bow is unbreakable and durable, but light enough to travel with you as you knit.  In this two-meeting class, we first cover knitting in-the-round using the magic loop technique-on and knitting entrelac in-the-round.  Homework will be assigned to finish knitting your bowl to your desired height.  In the Meeting 2, we will learn how to manually wet felt our bowls and shape before drying.. 

Instructor:  Kate

Skill level:  Intermediate (comfortable with all basic knitting techniques, including increasing & decreasing, reading patterns, picking up and knitting or purling stitches, and knitting with circular needles)

Meetings:  Wed., Oct. 11 & Oct 18

Materials:  100g Obi, Silk Garden, Kureyon or other non-superwashed wool yarn with long colour variations--worsted weight or chunky; 32"-47" long circular needle in a size to create a loose knitted fabric, try 1 size larger than the ball-band suggested needle size; large tapestry needle.  For Meeting 2, you will need to bring a basin, pail, or dishpan, dishwashing gloves (if your hands are sensitive to detergent or very warm water, and a large towel (we'll be splashing around in the water)

Maximum:  6

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