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Sock Master Class: Toe-Up 2-at-a-Time (5:30 pm - 7:15pm)

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Location: Dartmouth Yarns, 122 Portland St., Dartmouth



 Calling all sock knitters! Add a new approach to your sock-knitting protocol.  Knitting socks from the toe-up and two at a time are more efficient and elegant than the tradition way for several reasons: 1) Knitting toe-up makes it easier to try on the socks as you knit; 2) makes for more efficient use of yarn since you can adjust the length of the leg and cuff to use up every inch of yarn; 3) knitting socks together helps make sure both socks end up identical; and 4) it eliminates the dreaded "second sock syndrome".  You will learn to knit magic loop, learn a closed toe cast-on, and a super stretchy bind-off.

Instructor:  Kate

Experience Required:  This is a master class for sock knitters.

Materials: 100g of sock yarn, wound into 2 equal weight balls (for class, you can use any two balls of same-weight sock yarn--some students find it easier to learn with different colour yarn for each sock); 40" circular needle sized to suit your yarn and your preference; 2 locking stitch markers; tapestry needle

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